100% Genuine KN95 Masks

With every purchase that you make we will also be supporting local campaigns to provide protective gear!



- CARE -

NIOSH Surgical Masks for NY Frontline Workers

All donations will go directly into the purchase and delivery of PPE for frontline healthcare workers in NY’s busiest Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units, EMTs, Nursing Home Nurses and Doctors who also work in Rehab Centers and local hospitals, nursing homes.

Covid19 Tablet Campaign #Comfort4COVID

The Goal is to fund/source 1000 tablets to donate to hospitals around Ireland to enable critical COVID-19 patients to connect with their families using video conferencing.  This goal keeps increasing as the need becomes more apparent - it has gone from 100 to 250 to 600 to 1000.

Help COVID-19 Patients Connect with Loved Ones

Connect for COVID-19 is collecting donations to purchase used and secondhand smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) that will go into the hands of people that need it most as they fight COVID-19.

Getting Ready to Get Restarted, Safe and Steady, Six feet Away at a Time